Tactical Combat Adventure/Military Simulation Full Day


Tactical Combat Adventure / Military Simulation Full Day (min group 20)

Combat adventure activities and Airsoft combat adventures that can be almost identical to the real thing!

All Airsoft equipment and weapons used in these ccombat adventure activities are designed to closely emulate real guns and make for a much more realistic simulation.

Many of the Airsoft rifles are absolute replicas of real-life army weapons accept for the fact they can only fire plastic BB pellets.


Many different options of weapons and equipment are available for this combat activity ranging from fully automatic rifles, pistols and handguns, shotguns, sniper rifles, grenade launchers and even mounted machine guns.

In fact almost any accessory that is available for military weapons can be attached to Airsoft weapons as they are almost exact replicas.

Laser Sights, zoom lenses, holographic sights are all available for combat adventure activities and airsoft combat adventures.

Due to the large variety of weapons and the variety of functions within a military unit, this enables the coordinators to create combat adventure activities, airsoft combat adventures and airsoft military simulations with a large diversity of functions. There is a place where every member of a team will fit into a suitable role.

Price on request – please contact us for a quote.