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Electronic Luggage Scale


The simple to use, portable, Electronic Luggage Scale makes holidays easier than ever before.

Jetting off on holiday can be stressful enough without having to guess if your luggage exceeds the airline’s weight limit. There’s nothing worse, than queuing up for an hour at the check in desk, with fingers crossed, only to be told that one of your bags is too heavy. Well with the Electronic Luggage Scales you can pack your bags with complete confidence, because this ingenious little device gives you the accurate weight of your luggage every time.

The ergonomic design makes this the best luggage scale on the market. The scale is safe and easy to use – you have to do is insert the scale belt through the handle of your luggage, lift it up and the LCD screen will display the weight. The LCD even displays the temperature! The scales capacity is an impressive 50kg, includes an overload indicator and is small enough to slip into your hand luggage. It really is the perfect travel companion!


  • No more guessing
  • Best luggage scale on the market
  • 50 kg scale capacity
  • Includes an overload indicator