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Exclusive Hot Air Balloon Ride for 2 with Breakfast -  Tala Lodge KZN


Exclusive Hot Air Balloon Ride for 2 with Breakfast -  Tala Lodge KZN

The ultimate treat …

Rates are per person for a hot air balloon flight and breakfast (same rate for both venues, excludes accommodation etc)

Minimum 4 per flight


This special package includes the following:

A hot drink at the launch site whilst watching the balloon inflation

A /- 60 minute hot air balloon flight

Champagne and orange juice at the landing site

Breakfast after the flight

A certificate to commemorate your hot air ballooning adventure


General ballooning info:

The flight duration is about 1 hour; we launch at sunrise because it is the only time the air is stable. The only control the pilot has is up or down, so you drift with the wind and there is little or no turbulence during flight – it’s just you and the elements. The pilot varies the height he flies at, from treetop height to about 1500’ above the ground, and lands in an open field. The ground crew deflate the balloon whilst our passengers enjoy a celebratory glass of champagne, then we return to a nearby lodge for breakfast where certificates are awarded to each guest. The total duration is about 4 hours from the time we meet until after breakfast.


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