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Give your loved ones the gift of improved sleep, enhanced concentration, reduced stress and anxiety.


Bellabee – Personal Performance Booster Neurofeedback Device – Give the gift of improved sleep, enhanced concentration, anti-stress and anti-anxiety.

Bellabee is an innovative smart solution able to ease all major health issues. Insomnia, Anxiety, Lack of Concentration, Depression and ADHD.

It is safe, simple and effective. Tens of thousands of people have already improved their lives using Bellabee.
Bellabee currently eases the above symptoms for 20,000 daily users.

Conditions that Bellabee already supports include: ​​
​Anxiety problems
Sleep disorders
Stress-related issues
Concentration problems
ADD and ADHD issues (Attention deficit disorders)
PTSD (Post-traumatic stress disorders)

Bellabee as a neurofeedback wearable device and is the only device that actually influences our body’s performance (speed of neurons), being able to directly change the brain patterns into optimum performance levels.

The human brain functions on certain frequencies but sometimes these frequencies do not operate optimally, which causes stress, anxiety, sleeplessness etc.
Bellabee uses PEMF technology and through the use of frequencies the brain adapts to the rhythm provided, which provides the benefits people require.
Bellabee works as a digital metronome suggesting a body  speed performance, it means giving the external signal, the body needs to adapt (google brainwave frequencies and stages), start following its beat.

All external influences, whether this is a sound, touch are converted in electricity, shaped with the help of electromagnetic pulses. El-Mag impulses in our body create codes (different frequencies), readable by our entire body.
Bellabee does not create radiation or change cell structures.

Bellabee has already been clinically tested with EEG measuring equipment and is currently being used by Neurofeedback specialists to support their patients further.

Bellabee uses the same amount of energy for creating electro-magnetic pulses similar to playing music via earphones, nothing more.

Using Bellabee does not require any post purchases of consumable parts or accessories.
It can be used by all family members, using different pre-set programs on a mobile app
All that is required is a smartphone to use the Bellabee and you are all set.​There is an option to create a custom program should requirements differ from the current pre-set programs available.
45 day money back guarantee on condition that Bellabee is used for at least 30 days within the 45-day period.
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