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Airport parking at 10% less

Safe and secure airport parking for 2 – 7 days.

Your vehicle collected with departure and delivered on arrival.

Free wash and vacuum included.


Springbok Parking offers you safe and secure airport parking close to OR Tambo International Airport.

Our professional staff will collect your vehicle at the airport on your departure and will deliver your vehicle washed and vacuumed to you at your arrival.

At Springbok Parking our aim is to make your journey as easy as possible and hassle free. It’s all about the detail and customer satisfaction.

Even if you are not flying, you can now park your boat, caravan, vehicle, motorcycle, etc. at our safe and secure parking area. Phone us for more info…

Our services include:

  • Long and short term parking
  • Complimentary wash and vacuum
  • Deliver vehicles for service, repairs, etc


  1. Your parking agreement is subject to these terms and conditions set out below. This agreement represents the agreement between Springbok Parking and no alterations or additions or amendments to this agreement shall be effective, valid and enforceable
  2. For purposes of this agreement, you are referred to as the Owner, which includes the owner of the vehicle parked with Springbok Parking.
  3. Owner’s risk and claims:

3.1          The vehicle is parked at the Owner risk. The Owner shall carry insurance covering liability for any loss or damage in respect of the vehicle parked and indemnifies and hold harmless Springbok Parking against any law suits, claims for damages, costs and/or expenses of whatsoever nature.

3.2          Springbok Parking shall not be liable for any loss or damage, which is suffered by the Owner, including, but not limited to damages as a result of fire, injury, accident, theft, floods, riots, loss of profit / income.

3.3          Springbok Parking cannot be held responsible for any damage to the windscreen of the vehicle which includes but not limited to cracks, chips etc.

3.4          The Owner shall ensure that the vehicle is parked free from any illegal goods or substances, including but not limited to radio-active materials, inflammable or noxious, or which by its nature may injure, damage, contaminate or in any way whatsoever adversely affect any person, goods or property, including goods likely to harbour and attract vermin or other pests in respect of the premises of Springbok Parking.

3.5          Springbok Parking shall not be liable for loss of or damage of any valuables and personal effects kept in the parked vehicle.

3.6          All vehicles get a courtesy wash and we try to deliver clean vehicles as an extra bonus for the owner/driver, however, the weather sometimes doesn’t permit to deliver vehicles in the cleanest way due to unclean road conditions.

Inspection of vehicles before and after handover is mandatory by signing the booking sheet. We accept that this had been done in the correct manner. The owner/drivers need to take care of this arrangement.

  1. Payment:

4.1          Final payment of the agreed parking rate in terms of this agreement is due and payable on collection of the vehicle. The Owner shall not be entitled to the release of the vehicle until full final payment has been made and Springbok Parking shall be entitled to exercise a storage / parking lien over the vehicle, which shall be kept as a pledge as security for payment of arrear parking rate owing by the Owner to Springbok Parking.

4.2          In the event of the vehicle not be collected on the expiry date of the parking agreement, the Owner shall be liable for payment of parking of its vehicle on the premises of Springbok Parking on a daily rate equal to the agreed parking rate for each day as storage of the vehicle on behalf of the Owner. In such event, Springbok Parking shall be entitled to exercise a storage lien over the vehicle as security for payment of such storage costs and the Owner shall only be entitled to the release of the vehicle upon full payment of such storage costs to Springbok Parking. Whilst exercising such lien, Springbok Parking shall keep the vehicle as a pledge. Should the Owner not collect the vehicle within twenty (20) business days after receipt of notification to collect the vehicle from the premises of Springbok Parking, then, in such event, Springbok Parking shall be entitled to in terms of the pledge agreement, at its sole discretion, sell the vehicle either by public auction or private treaty in order to defray the outstanding parking and storage costs and account to the Owner for the nett proceeds, if any. For this purpose, the Owner hereby authorizes Springbok Parking with full power of attorney to act in its place and stead as if Springbok Parking is the owner to sell the vehicle in terms of the pledge agreement.

4.3          No payment shall be regarded as a valid payment if it is made by electronic payment, cheque or credit card until such time as payment in terms of the cheque or credit card has been cleared and actually paid into the bank account of Springbok Parking.

  1. Legal Action and Notices:

5.1          In the event that any one of the parties to this agreement institute legal proceedings against the other party, such party shall be entitled to claim legal costs as between attorney and client, including collection commission from the defaulting party.

  1. Integrity Management:

Springbok Parking takes the greatest care of vehicles parked with it. Should a Owner make any allegation about the conduct of Springbok Parking’s personnel, Springbok Parking reserves the right to subdue both Springbok Parking’s personnel and the aggrieved party to Lie Detection of which the outcome of the investigation will be conclusive.

  1. Speeding:

Our Professional staff at Springbok Parking will abide to traffic laws and do not speed with the Owner vehicle. Should that happen, the Owner hereby indemnifies the driver from any action and Springbok Parking will deal with the matter internally as it deems necessary.

Should a traffic fine be instituted against the driver, the driver will be held responsible for the payment thereof.


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